TAXBoost provided my business with professional service and solutions to help the growth and expansion at a reasonable cost. There were no hidden fees and I was able to grab assistance from the team without being charged extra. Now, that is what I define as “value-added service”. Thanks guys! Bill.


B & L Homeliving Timber

Thank you for taking care of my business activity statements and year end requirements with the ATO. You have helped me manage my records and brought me up to date. I still can not believe that you were able to speak to the ATO and remit nearly $9k of general interest charges on my account. This has helped with my cashflow dramatically.

Great service Tien! I will definitely recommend your team to my friends and family.


Tom Bertovic

I needed help in applying for a business loan and required it urgently, but my tax records were not up to date. I went to a few local accounting firms and obviously with my urgent request, it comes with a higher charge rate. As I was driving by one of the main streets in my Cecil Hills neighbourhood, I saw the TAXBoost signage. I contacted TAXBoost for a fee and Tien immediately provided me same day service at reasonable rates.

Thank you for lodging my past 5 years of tax returns. On top of this, thank you so much for communicating with the ATO to remove my late lodgement penalties of nearly $3,000. This was the last thing I wanted to have to pay out of the business.

My business loan application was approved and I have your team to thank for such a rewarding experience. I look forward to working with you going forward.

Mr Robert Stojak