If you have been affected by a disaster – either as an individual, a business or as part of a wider community – you may need help reconstructing you records, getting deferrals, accessing your money or making or receiving payments or donations.

Don’t worry about your tax affairs right away. The ATO will give you time to deail with your immediate problems first then they can help you to sort our your tax affairs later.

If you are unable to lodge your return or other statement, or if you have adebt, of if the ATO has sent you correspondence, they can give you more time to deal with these matters, without penalties. They can also allow registered agents more time to deal with their clients’ affairs.

If you are expecting a refund from an income tax return or activity statement, the ATO may be able to arrange for your refund to be issued as a priority. In certain circumstances, you may be able to access your super.

You may be eligible for assistance from government authorities, charitable institutions, employers, a trade union or other sources.

You may need to repair or replace your property after a disatere. You might receive an insurance payment to help you do this: this payment may affect your tax depending on whether you property is for income-producing purposes.

The ATO can help you to reconstruct your tax records and make reasonable estimates where necessary, so that you can lodge your income tax returns and activity statements.

As you can see there is an array of support for those affect by a disaster. You may wish to contact the ATO for assistance or our office for further information.

Extract from www.ato.gov.au

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